If your deck or outdoor living space has a view, whether it is a panoramic ocean view or beautiful urban landscape, there is no better option for railing than stainless steel cable. The many unique qualities of stainless steel cable railing make it a leading contender in material choice.

Aesthetics - The clean-cut visual appearance of stainless steel is easily maintained, contemporary, and attractive.

Corrosion Resistant - Panorama Cable is made of T316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel for maximum durability.

Long-term value - The lifespan and long-term costs of stainless steel make an attractive and less expensive choice than the alternatives.

Stainless Steel Cable 1x19 1/8


At Panorama Cable, we offer only the best T316 Stainless Steel Marine Grade Wire Rope for maximum durability. 1/8" diameter cable is the optimum size for residential deck railing. This allows for an unobstructed panoramic view from your deck or porch. 1x19 constuction is the standard for cable railing for it's strength and low stretch.

Your friends will envy your sleek looking stainless steel cable railing. Have them over to grill out while enjoying the view of the pool, lake, or ocean.

You're a few steps away from having the deck and views that you wanted.



Tension End Fittings

Tension End Fittings include Threaded Terminals and Turnbuckles that are used to tighten the cable runs. Tension is adjusted by tightening the nuts on the Threaded Terminal fittings or spinning the tubular bodies on the Turnbuckles. Every cable assembly must have at least one Tension Adjustment Fitting.

Fixed End Fittings

Fixed End Fittings are non-adjustable end termination fittings that have no tensioning capabilities - Therefore, each Fixed End must be paired with a Tension End Fitting.